Surge Protection

Direct and Indirect Lightning Strikes on a structure can cause either a surge in electrical power or a Transient Overvoltage, both of which can be damaging to the structure.

This power surge can have a devastating effect on electrical equipment located anywhere inside the building. This can lead to considerable damage which disrupts operational and critical services, resulting in expensive down time and repair costs.

Direct Strike Ltd can design and implement sophisticated surge protection systems which will prevent surges in electrical power or a transient overvoltage from damaging your infrastructure. Our services include:

  • Design of an appropriate Surge Protection Solution
  • Installation of Surge Protection Devices
  • Maintenance of Surge Protection Devices

ISEN 62305 part 4 stipulates that lightning protection systems are complemented with fit-for-purpose surge protection devices. At Direct Strike we can offer bespoke, highly effective lightning and surge protection solutions completely protecting your property and electrical equipment.

A surge protector will channel extra voltage into the outlet’s grounding wire, which prevents it from flowing into electrical devices whilst also allowing normal voltage to move along its path. If these surges were to get through, they would burn the wires and wear down the internal components of electrical devices, which can result in costly repairs. Our surge protectors can also be used to protect telephone and cable lines.

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What is a Surge Protection System?