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Headquartered in Dublin, Direct Strike is celebrated as one of Europe's leading lightning protection and earthing providers.



At Direct Strike, we take pride in being a lightning protection and earthing specialist, delivering comprehensive solutions in compliance with IEC, EN, TIA, and IEEE standards. Our association with globally renowned manufacturers such as DEHN+SOHNE, A. N. Wallis & Co. Lt, OBO Bettermann, and ABB Furse ensures a supply of top-grade materials tested and approved as per Standard BS EN 50164 or UL.


Our suite of services spans across the design, supply, and installation of tailor-made protection solutions for properties of all types. We manage every phase of the installation process - from initial evaluations to completion and final approval. To ensure smooth coordination, we assign a dedicated project manager as your single point of contact throughout the journey, doing away with the hassle of liaising with multiple representatives.


Our engineers, trained to the highest standards and equipped with at least an NVQ level 3 or Level 2 as Lightning Conductor Engineers, possess skills honed through training in diverse areas such as 'First Aid, SSSTS, SMSTS, MEWP (IPAF), Rope Access Techniques, PASMA, Cable Avoidance techniques, Abrasive Wheels, Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling, Safe Pass, and Working at Height'.


Emphasizing the critical nature of lightning protection systems, we assert that such installations must be carried out by registered contractors like Direct Strike Ltd. We kickstart our collaboration with a comprehensive assessment of your structure during the initial consultation, enabling us to create a bespoke protection system effectively safeguarding against formidable lightning strikes or power system faults.


In addition, we provide comprehensive inspection and repair services for existing earthing and lightning protection systems, conduct thorough tests to identify potential issues, and ensure full compliance with diverse standards and national regulations throughout the supply and installation process.

Supply & Installation FAQs



Explain the process of how Direct Strike Ltd. designs and implements lightning protection systems?

Our approach towards designing and implementing a lightning protection system is meticulous and customised. Initially, we perform a lightning risk assessment in compliance with IEC/EN 62305 or NFPA 780 standards, employing DEHNsupport Toolbox. This evaluation can be based on a site visit or via a completed risk assessment form, which we provide to our clients for their completion.


The risk assessment results enable us to define the requisite lightning protection level. Subsequently, we utilize cutting-edge software like SESShield CDEGS or DEHNsupport Toolbox to create a comprehensive design tailored to your requirements. We deliver these designs in detailed 2D or 3D format using AutoCAD or Navisworks, depending on the client's preference.


Once the design phase is concluded, we provide a list of essential materials, including air termination components, down conductors, earthing systems, and surge protective devices (SPDs). These materials are chosen based on the client's preferred manufacturers.


After obtaining client approval, our highly trained and certified staff embark on the installation process at the site. They also perform relevant commissioning and execute necessary tests like continuity or resistance tests. Post-installation, we provide our clients with a guarantee for the installed earthing and lightning protection systems, ensuring peace of mind and trust in the quality of our work.


What is the average cost of installing a lightning protection system?

The cost of installing a lightning protection system is not a one-size-fits-all figure, as it significantly depends on the size, type, and internal infrastructure of the structure in question. For a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs, we offer detailed cost estimations within a maximum of 3 working days. If you're interested, simply reach out to us via the contact form on our website here (link to contact form) or connect with us directly over a phone call. For those in need of an expedited rough estimate, we are ready to discuss the situation and provide a ballpark figure promptly.


Does Direct Strike offer end-to-end services in regards to earthing and lightning protection?

Yes, Direct Strike is committed to providing a comprehensive suite of services covering all aspects of earthing and lightning protection. Our full-circle solutions encompass everything from risk assessment, design, commissioning to conducting rigorous tests. We stand by our clients right from the initial stages of site visitation until the issuance of the completion certificate for the installed lightning protection and earthing systems. This integrated approach ensures you have a single point of contact and eliminates the hassle of coordinating with multiple companies or project managers.



What types of projects does Direct Strike have experience with?


Direct Strike brings to the table over fifty years of experience spanning an extensive range of project types. Our project portfolio is diverse and comprehensive, encompassing but not limited to:

- Commercial and Residential Buildings

- Data Centres

- Medical Facilities such as Hospitals

- Solar PV Plants

- Battery Energy Storage Systems

- Wind Energy Farms

- Railway Infrastructure

- Power Generation Stations

- Electrical Substations

- Gas Compressor Stations, Above Ground Installations, and Gas Storage Facilities

- Ministry of Defence Sites

- Water Treatment Facilities

- Waste-to-Energy Plants

- Pipeline Infrastructure

- Telecommunications Infrastructure


We have a proven track record of successfully completing projects across all these sectors, testament to our versatile capability and extensive industry experience.

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