Consultancy & Design Services

Harnessing over half a century of comprehensive expertise in lightning protection systems, Direct Strike Ltd is your reliable partner in all facets of design and implementation. Our team of seasoned designers and technicians collaborate in unison with architects, builders, project management personnel, and other professionals, curating customized solutions that precisely meet the specific demands of your project.


We take pride in our meticulous consultation process, aiming to fully comprehend your needs and promptly respond with efficient, competitively-priced solutions.


Embark on a journey with Direct Strike Ltd's diversified range of design and consultancy services:

Consultation Services

  • Design Verification: We offer meticulous verification of existing designs and schematics to ensure they meet all required safety and operational standards.
  • Lightning Risk Assessment: We conduct comprehensive lightning risk assessments, strictly adhering to IEC 62305, NFPA 780 standards, and national regulations. We use advanced tools like DEHNsupport Toolbox and CDEGS SESShield to assist in our assessments.
  • Coordinated Lightning Protection Design: Our team crafts coordinated lightning protection designs that are in compliance with numerous international standards, including ISEN 62035, IEC 61400-24, IEC TS 62738, IEC 60364, IEC TR 63227, IEEE 998, IEEE 1243, IEEE 1410, IEEE 1692, ITU-T, and NFC -17102.
  • Surge Protection Design: We specialize in surge protection design, adhering to a variety of international standards such as IEC 62035, IEC 61400-24, IEC 61643, IEC 60099, and IEC TR 63227.
  • Specification Writing: Our services include precise specification writing in alignment with IEEE/IEC/ISO protocols, tailoring the specifications to individual client requirements.
  • Tender Documentation Preparation: We provide detailed preparation of tender documentation, simplifying the procurement processes for our clients.
  • Drafting Services: With expert drafting services, we create intricate 3D/2D layouts and system blueprints using AutoCAD and Navisworks software.
  • On-site Surveys: We conduct exhaustive on-site surveys to identify any potential non-conformities with international and national standards.
  • Cost-Efficiency Consultation: We offer consultation services on cost-efficiency, guiding clients to identify budget-friendly, standard-compliant materials.
  • Grounding Design and Verification: We ensure grounding design and verification in line with IEEE 80, EN 50522, IEC TS 62738, ENA EREC S36, ENA TS 41-24, and BS 7430 standards.
  • Witnessing Installation, Commissioning, Testing, and Measurement: We provide witnessing services for installation, commissioning, testing, and measurement, ensuring contractors follow stringent standards like IEEE 81, BS 7430, BS EN 50522, and IEC 62305. We also conduct tests on existing systems and provide detailed reports on any errors or defects.
  • Interference Studies: Our services extend to comprehensive interference studies for pipeline/telecom/rail systems as per international standards.
  • High-Frequency, EMC, and Transient Studies: We perform advanced high-frequency, EMC, and transient studies focusing on surge arrester and lightning phenomena in various equipment, utilizing EMTP-RV and CDEGS software.
  • Maintenance and Upgrade Services: We offer maintenance and upgrade services for grounding and lightning protection systems, ensuring their long-term performance and safety.
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment: We conduct rigorous 'Quantitative Risk Assessment' as per ISO, BS EN standards, and CIGRE documents, preventing unnecessary expenditure on grounding materials.
  • Underground Investigation Services: At Direct Strike, we offer comprehensive underground investigation services. Our team is adept at promptly identifying and mapping out subterranean infrastructures such as earthing conductors, gas pipes, water pipes, and other metallic objects. This critical service ensures safe and efficient planning and installation of earthing services like earth rods, thereby avoiding potential damages and disruptions.

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