The Best Options for Surge Protection in Ireland

It’s important to protect your electrical systems as much as possible, no matter how robust your energy system may be.

A lightning strike on your structure has the potential to cause the largest surge voltages out of any electrical forces.

A lightning strike can wreck havoc on your system, and it’s important to have companies like Direct Strike offering some of the best surge protection in Ireland.


Surge Protection in Ireland

A lightning strike can cause significant disruption or failure even if it does not hit your electrical system directly. At Direct Strike, we design and install resilient and long-lasting solutions for any surge protection system, and our constant maintenance by our accomplished and experienced staff is why we gained our reputation of being Ireland’s surge protection experts.


Wind Turbine Surge Protection

As companies in Ireland adopt new and sustainable energy structures, it’s paramount to have adequate protective measures to keep them fully operational. At Direct Strike, the leading provider of Ireland’s surge protection solutions, we work with your business to help establish an effective and future-proof surge protection and transient overcharge system to keep your wind farm fully operational.


How We Design Surge Protectors

At Direct Strike, our team is made up of a wide range of lightning protecting and earthing experts. We follow the latest developments of lightning protection guidelines such as ISEN 62305, which contains information on how lightning protection systems work extremely well with surge protection devices. Our custom-made and highly effective systems are some of the finest surge protection in Ireland you can purchase. We promise a smooth and professional design, installation and maintenance process.

To learn more about the best solutions for surge protection in Ireland, contact us today.



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