Protect your electronics with Direct Strike

The modern-day home has never been so susceptible to an electronic surge caused by a heavy lightning storm, damaged power line, or malfunction by a faulty electronic device which can cause a ‘chain’ reaction.

The modern adult has never been so reliant on technology for day-to-day living as regards to work, education, entertainment, and communication; so it is vital to protect your undertakings and expensive electronic devices with sufficient electrical earthing surge protection.

Surge Protection Ireland – protect yourself and your home

Power surges are absolutely preventable with Direct Strike. From inspective measures to electrical earthing surge protection systems, here are our top tips to prevent your valuable electronic devices from being damaged in the event of a power surge, regardless of the cause.

Protect your home from a power surge

Get into the routine of checking your electrical devices.

Every couple of months have a quick check of your electrical devices to inspect the wiring and ensure there is nothing warped, damaged or exposed. Try turning them on for a few minutes and note any unusual activity such as strange sounds, or compromised functionality. If you make this part of your household upkeep routine, you can prevent your home from being exposed to a power surge.

Unplug your electronics during a storm

Some electronics can act as ‘conductors’ to lightning strikes or can malfunction during a storm, causing a chain reaction to occur. It is best to unplug your electric devices to avoid this.

Use surge protectors

These can come in the form of extension leads which have a shutdown transformer mode which will automatically switch on in the event of a power surge, therefore protecting your devices.

Install a domestic surge protector

We have a range of surge protectors and electrical earthing systems that will protect your home and devices in the case of an electrical storm, or mass malfunction which can cause damage, or in some cases, a fire. It is a quick and easy way to protect your home. We start by installing a breaker box between the house and the centralised electrical grid which will detect when your home is in need of power surge protection.



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