Lightning Conductor Testing

In order to ensure maximum efficiency and safety, your lightning conductor or your lightning protection system must be tested regularly. This annual testing is required under Irish law and no matter your business type or location, must have all lightning conductor equipment inspected and maintained.

To ensure that you get the most benefit from your lightning protector and to guarantee that the system is installed property and fit fur purpose, all lightning protection systems should be visually inspected, tested and maintained on a regular basis.

Testing and Inspection

The process of a lightning conductor testing or inspection involves checking that the lightning protection installations are in a sound electrical and mechanical state, highlighting any defects they come across and noting any new items of plant or metal work which will require incorporation into the system. During an inspection the engineer will use multiple tests to check:

  • The system  all components are in good condition and securely attached and connected as designed and originally installed
  • There have been no changes or modifications to the conductor system
  • There are no loose connections
  • No part of the system has been weakened by corrosion or vibration
  • All down conductors and grounding electrodes are intact
  • There are no visual indications of damage to surge suppression devices
  • The system complies with the applicable standards

Inspection Reports

Upon completion of the lightning conductor test and inspection, you will be provided with a detailed and comprehensive report. This report will detail all findings, defects and damages as well as any potential future problems. The report should also contain information on the type of tests carried out and how the systems were inspected. You should also expect some photographs alongside properly recorded test data. It is important that you keep these reports so that they are readily available for use in subsequent inspections to monitor trends and flag problems.

Maintenance Works

Should any repair work be necessary, then a maintenance programme should be implemented immediately. An effective maintenance plan will accurately address all the criteria and issues highlighted by the inspection report. Records of all maintenance work carried out should be kept and used as a means of evaluating the lightning conductor system during its next annual test and inspection.

Direct Strike Lightning Conductor Testing

Direct Strike provides expert and reliable lightning conductor testing services. Out team has over 50 years of experience within the lightning protection industry and we have successfully complete lightning conductor tests in Dublin, Kildare across Ireland, England and Scotland. For more information visit our Lightning Conductor Tests Page or you can contact us on 01 6917745 or send and email to


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