Lightning Protection

Operating across Europe with our headquarters in Dublin, Direct Strike Ltd emerges as a premier provider of comprehensive lightning protection solutions. We are recognised throughout the continent for our superior designs and our capabilities in sourcing and installing customised lightning protection systems.


All our staff members are ATLAS-certified, providing a further guarantee of quality and professionalism in our service delivery. This certification ensures that our team is well-equipped with the most current knowledge and practices in the field, enabling us to deliver services that meet and exceed industry standards.


Direct Strike methodology is deeply rooted in conducting robust risk assessments. Utilising the DEHNsupport Toolbox, we adhere to either the EN 62305 or NFPA 780 standards based on our clients' specific needs. We take a deep dive into the complexities of your property, considering aspects such as its occupancy, and the intricacies of its electrical and electronic systems. This rigorous initial assessment enables us to tailor a protection system adept at safeguarding against the most severe lightning strikes.


Harnessing the power of advanced tools such as the SESShield 3D Tool of CDEGS and DEHNsupport Toolbox software, Direct Strike offers a holistic 3D design service for lightning protection. Our expert team simplifies these intricate designs into understandable 3D/2D formats using AutoCAD and Navisworks software. We ensure that the final design complies strictly with IEC 62305 or NFPA 780 regulations, considering the site specifications, location, and relevant national regulations.


At Direct Strike, our services transcend the boundaries of mere design. We offer material selection and installation services, with a commitment to using only the highest quality, approved materials in line with the IEC 62561 standards. Our installation procedures harmonise seamlessly with the respective standards


Choosing Direct Strike Ltd means opting for a comprehensive, A-Z lightning protection solution. As ATLAS-certified contractors, we position ourselves as your partners in shielding your property from the unpredictability and volatility of lightning strikes. From the initial risk assessment through the design and material selection stages to the final installation, we ensure your building, its contents, and most importantly, the individuals within it, are fully protected from lightning strikes.

Lightning Protection 

  • Risk Assessments: We start with thorough risk assessments using tools like DEHNsupport Toolbox. These evaluations are conducted based on EN 62305 or NFPA 780 standards, taking into account property occupancy and the complexities of electrical systems.
  • Design Services: Using advanced tools such as the CDEGS SESShield 3D Tool and DEHNsupport Toolbox, we deliver comprehensive 3D lightning protection designs. These intricate designs are translated into easy-to-understand 3D/2D layouts using AutoCAD and Navisworks, ensuring compliance with IEC 62305 or NFPA 780 regulations.
    Material Selection: Beyond the realm of design, we assist with material selection, committed to using the highest quality, IEC 62561 standard-compliant materials.
  • Installation Services: Our installation services are executed by an experienced team of NVQ level 2 and 3 engineers, operating nationwide. We ensure the installation processes align seamlessly with the respective standards, ensuring maximum protection.
  • Comprehensive Lightning Protection: We offer a complete, A-Z lightning protection solution. From initial risk assessment, through design and material selection stages, to the final installation, we safeguard your property from the unpredictability of lightning strikes.
  • Inspection & Testing: Regular inspection and testing are vital to ensure that the installed lightning protection systems remain in an optimal, effective condition. Our nationwide team of inspection and testing engineers conducts these inspections every 11 months to account for seasonal variations.

Expertise in Designing, Installing, and Maintaining advanced Lightning Protection Systems for diverse properties. Reach out to us for tailored solutions