Inspection & Maintenance

In this age of rapidly evolving technology, the devastating potential of a single lightning strike or an earthing system failure cannot be underestimated. It has the power to dismantle businesses, institutions, and crucial infrastructures that form the bedrock of our society.


At Direct Strike, we are fully aware of these threats and have built a formidable defense mechanism in response. Our comprehensive Annual Test and Inspection service has been engineered to protect your assets and ensure that your Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) and Earthing Systems are always battle-ready.


Both the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the ISEN 62305 'Protection Against Lightning' mandate regular testing and maintenance of your LPS. At Direct Strike, we subscribe wholeheartedly to this regulation, recognizing that consistent maintenance and testing form the linchpin of any effective protection system. Our skilled engineers employ the gold-standard testing protocol, offering an unparalleled service that spans a wide range of sectors.


The testing and inspection procedure is meticulous, designed to confirm your LPS and earthing system's resilience in mechanical and electrical terms. Any defects or possible weak spots are painstakingly recorded and the necessary remedial measures are proposed in a comprehensive inspection report. From a routine visual inspection of the system to performing earth resistance tests, our team ensures every potential issue is investigated and rectified.


We take immense pride in our adherence to the standard procedures for the maintenance and inspection of LPS and earthing system, ensuring your systems are in complete alignment with international standards and national regulations. We follow a rigorous process, which includes checking technical documentation, conducting visual inspections, carrying out testing, and recording all findings in an inspection report.


Our visual inspection process is exhaustive, designed to confirm that the LPS aligns with the standard, is in prime condition, and free from loose connections or corrosion-related damage. We diligently look for any damage to the LPS, confirm the appropriate equipotential bonding for any new services or additions, and ascertain that continuity tests have been conducted for these new additions.


Equally important is our testing phase, which involves conducting continuity tests, and performing earth resistance tests on the earth-termination system. All these tests are meticulously documented in an LPS inspection report, providing a valuable resource for understanding the overall condition of your lightning protection measures and any necessary actions.


We also recognize that LPS components can deteriorate over time due to factors such as corrosion, weather-related damage, mechanical damage, and lightning-induced damage. Therefore, routine maintenance is essential to ensure that your LPS remains consistent with its original design requirements and can adapt to your facilities' evolving needs. Our team will coordinate maintenance and inspection programs, establishing definitive procedures for accurate comparisons of current and past results. Any necessary repairs will be actioned promptly, ensuring your LPS remains in peak condition.


By choosing Direct Strike, you are opting for a service committed to the highest industry standards, ensuring your LPS is prepared to protect against the unpredictable force of lightning. Regardless of the facility, be it a University, Power Plant, Shopping Centre, or Hospital, our Annual Test and Inspection service offers unmatched levels of protection, ensuring the continuity of your operations and the security of your investment. With Direct Strike, you're always protected.


As per the Earthing Standards such as IEEE 80, BS EN 50522 or ENA TS 41-24 and many others, earthing systems should be inspected, maintained, and repaired so they can operate effectively on an ongoing basis. Inspection falls into two main categories: Visual Inspection and Detailed Physical Examination and Testing.


The frequency of inspection and testing should be set based on risk assessments related to theft, damage, and deterioration, and may need to be revised if circumstances change. If an extraordinary event occurs, such as delayed fault clearance could be a serious issue when it comes to your infrastructure. If a fault is not cleared in a timely manner, it can cause extended damage, potentially leading to the shutdown of an entire system or, in worst-case scenarios, a catastrophic event. The process of identifying and rectifying the fault could also potentially expose people to the risk of electric shock or burns.



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Our experienced team will meticulously identify, locate, and rectify faults in your earthing system. These could include high earth impedance, improper equipment grounding, or insufficiencies in the surge protection systems. Once identified, these issues will be promptly rectified by our team to ensure the continuous safety of your infrastructure.


Our proactive approach extends to educating our clients about potential future issues and providing recommendations for preventive measures. By doing so, we are able to provide a comprehensive service that not only fixes existing issues but also minimizes the possibility of future ones.


Furthermore, we consider it our responsibility to safeguard the environment. Earthing systems can sometimes contribute to galvanic corrosion if not properly managed, leading to the degradation of underground metallic structures, such as pipelines and tanks. Our team is trained to mitigate these environmental impacts, ensuring your operations are not only safe and efficient, but also environmentally friendly.


In terms of reporting and documentation, Direct Strike guarantees transparency. We provide comprehensive documentation detailing all the inspection, testing, and maintenance tasks that we perform. This allows our clients to maintain a complete record of their earthing system’s health, crucial for tracking improvements over time and demonstrating compliance with relevant safety and industry standards.


In summary, choosing Direct Strike for your Annual Test and Inspection service means you're choosing a reliable partner committed to ensuring the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your operations. Through our thorough inspection processes, skilled maintenance, and comprehensive reporting, we're here to help you manage and protect your valuable infrastructure from potential threats effectively.

ANNUAL Services

  • Compliance with Regulations: We ensure compliance with The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 through regular testing and inspection of both your Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) and Earthing Systems.

  • Thorough Inspections: Our team of expert engineers evaluates the electrical and mechanical state of your LPS and Earthing Systems, identifying and rectifying any potential defects.

  • Documentation Review: We thoroughly check your LPS and Earthing Systems design, maintenance and inspection reports to ensure comprehensive compliance with industry standards.
  • Inspections during Modifications: Significant alterations, repairs, or lightning discharges affecting your protected structure trigger additional inspections from our team to guarantee continued safety and effectiveness.

  • Certification: On completion of the inspection and necessary adjustments, we issue a full detailed report and certificate aligning with your system installation standard & condition.

Testing Services

  • Comprehensive System Testing: We perform thorough testing of your Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) and Earthing Systems to ensure they meet all necessary standards and regulations.
  • Continuity Testing: Our expert engineers conduct rigorous continuity tests, assessing the electrical continuity of your entire LPS and Earthing Systems.
  • Resistance Measurements: We execute precise Earth resistance tests using cutting-edge FOP/Slope or Clamp-on methods, validating the effectiveness of your Earthing Systems.
  • Documentation Review: We analyze your LPS and Earthing Systems design, maintenance, and inspection reports to verify your systems align with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Testing during Modifications: If your protected structure undergoes significant alterations, repairs, or suffers lightning discharges, we conduct additional system tests to ensure safety and system integrity.
  • Defect Identification: Our detailed testing procedures allow us to identify and rectify any potential defects, ensuring that your systems perform optimally when needed.
  • Certification of Compliance: Upon completion of testing, we issue a certificate that aligns with your system installation standard & condition, demonstrating compliance with all relevant industry regulations.

Visual Inspection

  • Comprehensive Visual Inspection: We conduct meticulous visual inspections of your Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) and Earthing Systems to assess their current condition and adherence to industry standards.
  • Defect Detection: Our expert team identifies potential defects, including storm damage, corrosion, or mechanical deterioration that may impact the system's functionality.
  • Component Evaluation: We examine all visible system components, from air termination devices to earthing conductors, assessing their condition and secure fastening.
  • Examination of Installation Sites: Our team evaluates the site of each installation to ensure it continues to be safe and optimal for the protection system components.
  • Loose Connection Checks: We carefully inspect all connections within your systems to ensure there are no accidental breaks or loose joints that could compromise system integrity.
  • Condition Report: Upon completion of the visual inspection, we provide a detailed condition report, noting all findings and recommendations to maintain optimal system performance.
  • Annual Inspection: To keep in line with industry standards, we offer annual visual inspections to monitor the ongoing effectiveness and condition of your LPS and Earthing Systems.

verification Services

  • Document Review: We initiate the verification procedure by thoroughly reviewing all existing documentation of your systems, including design reports, technical drawings, and previous maintenance records.
  • Technical Compliance Check: Our team conducts a comprehensive examination of your LPS and Earthing Systems to ensure they meet the requirements specified in the standard documentation.
  • Verification of System Components: We verify the condition and functionality of all system components, from air termination devices to earthing conductors, confirming their alignment with the system design.
  • Visual Inspection Integration: Our verification process incorporates the crucial elements of our visual inspection service, providing a complete view of your system's health and compliance.
  • On-site Testing: Utilising cutting-edge technology and equipment, we perform essential tests on your systems, including earth resistance tests, continuity tests, and equipotential bonding tests, to verify their performance.
  • Conformity Declaration: Once your systems have been fully verified, we provide a declaration of conformity, certifying your compliance with all relevant standards.

Maintenance Services

  • Regular System Maintenance: To ensure your systems retain their effectiveness, we provide regular maintenance, accounting for factors such as weather-related damage, corrosion, mechanical damage, and lightning strike damage.
  • Comprehensive Inspection: Maintenance procedures start with a thorough inspection of all system components. Our team evaluates the system's condition, noting any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage.
    Corrosion Control: Special attention is given to control and mitigate any existing or potential corrosion damage that could affect the system's performance.
  • System Adjustment and Repairs: We perform necessary adjustments and repairs, including tightening loose connections, replacing damaged components, and reinforcing weak areas of the system.
  • Performance Testing: After maintenance, we conduct performance tests to ensure the LPS and Earthing Systems are functioning correctly and efficiently.

Reporting Services

  • In-Depth System Analysis: Our reports begin with a detailed analysis of your systems' current state, highlighting all checks performed, test results, identified problems, and executed repairs.
  • System Performance Evaluation: We include a thorough evaluation of your systems' performance, providing information on the efficiency and reliability of your protection and earthing systems.
  • Highlighting Identified Issues: Any identified issues or potential future problems are highlighted, along with explanations and recommended remedial actions.
  • Action Taken & Recommendations: We document all actions taken during our services, including adjustments, repairs, and upgrades. We also provide recommendations for future improvements and preventive measures.
  • Photographic Evidence: To help you understand the condition of your systems better, our reports often include photographic evidence, especially for significant defects or areas of concern.
  • Inspection Checklists: Our reports include inspection checklists showing all areas assessed during our services, making it easy for you to understand what was checked and what passed or failed the inspections.
    Regulatory Compliance: We provide details on how your systems align with relevant regulations and standards, ensuring you meet your compliance obligations.
  • Future Maintenance Schedule: Based on our assessments, we provide a suggested schedule for future inspections and maintenance services to help you keep your systems in optimal condition.
  • Accessible & Clear Language: We ensure our reports are written in clear, accessible language, avoiding excessive jargon to ensure you understand our findings and recommendations.
  • Digital & Physical Copies: Reports are provided both digitally and in hard copy form for your convenience and record-keeping.

In summary, choosing Direct Strike for your Annual Test and Inspection service means you're choosing a reliable partner committed to ensuring the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your operations. Through our thorough inspection processes, skilled maintenance, and comprehensive reporting, we're here to help you manage and protect your valuable infrastructure from potential threats effectively.

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